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Discover the enchantment of fairy tales like never before!

Welcome to Once Upon My Tale, where we redefine the magic of storytelling. Step into our world, where we craft audio books that you'll narrate in our cozy recording studio. It's not just a book; it's an immersive journey. Every element of the fairy tale, from the gentle whispers to the majestic crescendos, is adorned with mesmerizing audio effects. Our gift box elevates the experience, granting your cherished child the delight of hearing your voice whenever they wish, forging an extraordinary bond that will linger in their memory forever.

The Journey

The operational procedure is straightforward and enjoyable:

1. Choose a Fairy Tale

2. Recording in the Studio

3. Material Editing and Sound Effects

4. Delivery of the Gift

pasxa mockup

Easter Short Stories

Welcome to an Easter book filled with adventures and life lessons.

Mother Phone

Once Upon My Tale - Mother’s Day Edition

Record your own love letter to your Mother and offer the most unique and personalized gift! Thank you Mom, Mama, Mother!

Gift Card

Gift Card

With the Once Upon My Tale Gift Card, you offer double the joy! An unforgettable gift for adults, who will experience the magic of the recording studio, and a special moment for the little ones, who will listen to their loved ones telling them stories, whenever they wish!

alex box scaled

Gift Box Alexandros and Valeria

Introducing Alexandros, a young aspiring knight whose lifelong dream has been to embody bravery and strength! Accompanying him is his companion, the clever and wise Valeria. Despite being a young witch, Valeria prefers to resolve conflicts with a smile!

exclusive custom

Exclusive Custom Fairytale

Share your personal tales, and we will turn them into a unique book for you. Enjoy the magic of your own creation with recording, and receive a completely personalized gift that stands out.



The Recording. Live the ultimate experience of recording the fairy tale of your choice in one of the cooperating studios throughout Greece!

ηχητικό βιβλίο

The Concept

Once Upon My Tale was an extraordinary audiobook, renowned for its unparalleled uniqueness. Within its enchanting pages, stories weren't merely read; they were experienced, accompanied by the sounds of nature, the laughter of characters, and meticulously composed music. Opening the book revealed a new adventure each time, captivating listeners with the narrator's warm voice and immersing them as integral parts of the story.

About us

What an extraordinary experience! I'm convinced that this moment will forge everlasting memories. Wishing you continued success ahead, I feel truly fortunate to have been part of this. Thank you!



I wanted to present this gift to my granddaughter living abroad, whom I dearly miss. I wanted her to hear her grandmother's voice every night narrating a fairy tale. It will feel like I am close to her every evening, and it will create a cherished memory for her to hold onto forever.



We are delighted to have had this unique experience, crafting a personalized gift—a fairy tale narrated in our own voices—for our child. The outcome was outstanding, achieved within a short timeframe, with excellent communication. Many thanks!

Marina - Giannis

Parents - Winners of the businessmum.gr Competition

“Once upon my tale”... When I heard it for the first time I thought it would be something different!!! I dared to live this experience and now I have to say that it is not just something different... it is something unique, a special gift for my children, which will always remind them of their childhood with the sweetest sound of their mom's voice!!!




The introduction of Once Upon My Tale στο ραδιόφωνο Παραπολιτικά FM 90.1 με τα “Κακά Κορίτσια” Μαρία Λεμονιά και Έλενα Καραμίχαλου


The showcasing of Once Upon My Tale on the Action24 channel during the "Action Weekend" program, hosted by Milena Iliopoulou and Giorgos Paganis.


The introduction of Once Upon My Tale on the Open Beyond channel during the "Tora Mazi" program with Eulampia Revi and Spyros Charitatos.

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